Friday, January 24, 2020

Destiny, Fate, Free Will and Free Choice in Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet :: Shakespeare, Romeo Juliet

Do you believe in fate? To answer the question, you must first have a correct idea of what fate is. A definition of fate would be the power that is supposed to settle ahead of time how things will happen. Could there be such a power that rules our lives, and if so, why? Romeo and Juliet, the two young lovers in William Shakespeare' s Romeo and Juliet, ended up becoming a large part of what could be called "fate". Fate seemed to control their lives and force them together, becoming a large part of their love, and the ending of their parent's hatred. Fate became the ultimate control power in this play, and plays a large part in modern everyday life, even if we don't recognize it. Maybe we don't recognize it because we choose not to, or don't have faith like we used to, but the fact remains that fate controls what we do throughout all of our lives. A large part of the beliefs for both Romeo and Juliet involve fate. They believed in the stars, and that their actions weren't always their own. Romeo, for example, 1.4.115-120, he says, "Some consequence yet hanging in the some vile forfeit of untimely death. But he that hath the steerage over my course Direct my sail." He's basically saying to his friends that he had a dream which leads him to believe that he will die young because of something in the stars, something that will happen. He ends with "...he that hath steerage over my course..." which implies that he does not have control over his life if he looks to another power above himself to direct him. He does not feel that he is the one who makes decisions, it is all a higher purpose, a different power. We're all sort of like the puppets below the puppeteer. He's asking for that puppeteer to direct his "sail," or his life, in the right direction. Fate directs us all like the puppets on the end of it's string, and I believe strongly in it. It is, in many ways, the mystical power that controls who and what we become, and it explains that which can not be explained. Romeo was looking to this power, asking of this power to direct him, not to an untimely death as he foresaw in his dream, but to just steer him, because that is the control which he knows he does not have over himself.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Market Structure Simulation

Market Structure Simulation Quasar Computers When industries are selling similar products this makes up market structure. I will be discussing economic profit that Quasar computer is able to make. The market structure is made of the following pure monopoly, pure competition, monopolistic competition, and oligopoly. In the simulation I learn about pricing and non pricing strategies and understanding the diverse market structure. Quasar put out a new first all-optical notebook that is called Neutron. Quasar had to come with strategy regarding price and gain profit while having the only notebook on the market and monopolizing. To give a basic overview we Quasar set the price at $2,550 per notebook to create a place and so that marginal cost will equal to marginal revenue. In 2004 Quasar Computers had to review the advertising. The recommendation was $500 million. My price was $2,450, total cost 13. 29, total revenue 15. 1 and total profit was 1. 82. Due to the new lunch, David thought it would be a good idea to upgrade production. Jane thinks we should improve on the areas that we had major losses. Quasar Computers would need to sell more than over $500 million to make a profit and the Neutron would have to be priced higher. In 2006 competition arrises and we have to lower our prices, work on brand building to make sure we can keep our gain from Orin Technolgies since the company gain 50% of the market in notebooks. Orin Technologies is now in the same industry as Quasar and we are no longer monopolizing but Oligopoly. I think Quasar was a bit caught off guard. They had to think fast before competition became an issue. Quasar had to make decision quick if they should invest more funds into the marketing if they wanted to sell notebooks and reach out to a larger base of consumers or work on research and development. If Quasar wanted to success they had to stop and think about what infficiences they had and not expect to sell the same amount of quantity. Also during the time Orin came in the demand Neutron was sloping down and which increasing any price would just have consumer not buying any of their products. For Quasar to be sucesseful they have to focus on affordable but yet quality technology to remain in the game. Quasar how to reinvent technology and make their notebook fun and consumer entertained. Reference Geoff, R. (2006) Retrieved from http://tutor2u. net/economics/revision-notes/as-macro-macroeconomic-policy. html U. S. Department of Commerce. (November 23, 2011). Bureau of Economic Analysis. Retrieved from http://www. bea. gov/newsreleases/national/pi/pinewsrelease. htm McConnell, C. R. , Brue, S. L. , & Flynn, S. M. (2009). Economics: Principles, problems, and policies (18th ed. ). New York: McGraw Hill/Irwin. U. S Department of Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis. (2011, November 22). Personal Income and Outlay. Retrieved November 27, 2011 http://www. bea. gov/newsreleases/national/gdp/gdpnewsrelease. htm Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. (2011, February 3). The Economic Outlook and Macroeconomic Policy. Retrieved November 27, 2011

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Machiavelli vs. Castiglione Essay - 1533 Words

Ideas on the same topic always seem to differ from person to person. This holds true to the ideas of Machiavelli and Castiglione. The Prince, written by Machiavelli, and The Courtier, written by Castiglione, are both somewhat how-to guides for nobility, royalty, and princes. However, there are many distinct differences among the ideas of Castiglione and Machiavelli. Castigliones philosophy leads down the path of a well-rounded person; a more peaceful manner. Machiavellis philosophy is more straightforward and violent, where you should do anything and everything you have to do in order to achieve your goal. Both books and figures were of great importance to society. Machiavellis philosophy was that The end justifies the means. This†¦show more content†¦He discusses that the prince have military knowledge, love and fear, trustworthiness, and good and bad reputations. He deeply believes in the art of war. ...a prince must not have any objective nor any thought, nor take up any art, other than the art of war and its ordering and discipline; because it is the only art that pertains to him who commands. And it is of such virtue that not only does it maintain those who were born princes, but many times makes men rise to that rank from private station; and conversely one sees that when princes have thought more of delicacies than of arms, they have lost their state. He also writes about whether it is better to be loved or feared, stating that it is best to be feared, but not hated. Love can change in an instant, and it is better to always have control, even if the prince must be feared. Patriotism and dedication to the state was also a very im portant aspect. In conclusion, Machiavelli strived for power and strength by any means possible. Through violence and fear, the end result would be worth it to him. Castiglione approached manners in a much different way. Castiglione believed in someone who was strong and perfect. He should be able to skillful in handling weapons and horses, for the art of war. And therefore will I have him to be of good